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At Gatorware, we're working hard to develop new solutions for people and companies just like you. Good software solutions can save your company lots of money and time.

Our new XM Jukebox application lets you listen to XM Online your way! Select your favorite channel and enter your favorite artists, and let the Jukebox play your favorites as they play online. The XM Jukebox monitors over 100 XM Online channels so you'll hear your favorites when they play. Very cool!

Our top selling VEO Snapshot Utility allows you to get the most out of your network camera. Take snapshots at set intervals all year long! Setup is a breeze, and we even archive your snapshots by date.

Gatorware's XM Jukebox is the coolest way to listen to XM Radio Online. Choose your favorite artists and your favorite channel, and let the XM Jukebox do the rest! 
Gatorware's VEO Snapshot utility allows you to get the most out of your network camera. Schedule snapshots at intervals as short as every 10 seconds! We'll do the archiving for you.
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